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Lighting Hire - Indoor Lighting & Trusses

A wealth of experience in both theatrical lighting and event lighting means Lighting With Intent offer expert solutions, stocking a wide range of floodlights, spotlights, colour-wash gels, feature lighting and special effects.

Any effect can be acheived, from a subtle colour wash with white light to features or dining tables, to complete colour saturation for dramatic effect, particularly when combined with starcloth, pea lights, rope light or reflective surfaces.

For dance floors or stage areas, DMX controlled sound-to-light lamps put on an impressive display of movement and colour, making all the difference to any performance.

Outdoor Lighting Hire

Outdoor lighting includes practical tower floodlights to a car park in a field, to stunning colour wash to trees & buildings or pea lights and rope loghting to pergolas, paths and shrubs.

Lighting With Intent can advise on getting the best look with imagination and attention to detail. Often a combination of floods, LED lighting, gels, moving head lamps and pin spot lighting to special features combine to create a truly magical ambience to a venue, stage, marquee or garden, often inspiring the desire to have the lighting permanently installed! In marquees in particular, the lighting really does make all the difference.

Event Services

  • Temporary Mains Distribution
  • Generator Hire, Twin-Sets
  • Audio Visual Equipment
  • PA Systems
  • Marquee Lighting
  • Temporary Power Supply
  • Marquee & Venue Dressing
  • Starcloth Hire & Fitting
  • Rope Light Canopy
  • Special Effects
  • Staging Hire
  • Dance Floor Effects

  • 100% Fully Insured
  • Experienced Specialists
  • Flexible, Professional
  • H&S Compliant
  • 24hr Emergency Cover
  • Certified Installations
  • ECA Approved Contractors
  • Lighting With Intent