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Power & Distrubution for Outdoor Events

Electricity supplies can be taken from a mains source or generator and power distributed throughout the site of an outdoor event. Mains electricity is fed to a temporary distribution board, which then divides the power to seperate protected circuits for lighting, heating, exhibitors stands or portaloos.

Power Supplies for Private Marquee Events (Weddings & Parties)

Typically, the distribution board is placed in the catering tent, since this is to where most of the demand is likely to be drawn. In the event that the mains supply is not sufficiently powerful, or too far away, either a generator can be put in place, or the caterer may need to be limited in the amount of electricity they can use at any one time. From the catering marquee, cables are discreetly laid to provide sockets for bands, lighting rigs, heating systems etc.

Larger Public Events, Shows, Trade Fairs etc.

Larger events will require twin-set generators (see 'Generator Hire' for more information) and multiple 3-phase, 64 Amp and 32 Amp distribution panels to safely provide electrical power supplies over a wide area. All equipment must be fully waterproof and regularly tested for safety, plus an engineer in attendance to oversee the operation is a usual precaution. This is not because the equipment is unreliable, it's because the circumstances constantly change in terms of additional needs during the event.

In Any Event, Take Professional Advice!

Never take risks when dealing with electricity supplies outside. Always consult a qualified electrician, preferably a specialist in temporary outdoor power supply who will have the correct specialist equipment, knowledge and very importantly, experience to manage the job safely.

Event Services

  • Temporary Mains Distribution
  • Generator Hire, Twin-Sets
  • Audio Visual Equipment
  • PA Systems
  • Marquee Lighting
  • Temporary Power Supply
  • Marquee & Venue Dressing
  • Starcloth Hire & Fitting
  • Rope Light Canopy
  • Special Effects
  • Staging Hire
  • Dance Floor Effects

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