Not many people realise that the lighting of an event is what can really make it memorable. LWI come from a background in lighting. We will always advise on getting the best look with imagination and attention to detail. The outcome being a truly magical ambience (often inspiring the lighting to be permanently installed!).

Whether you need a soft, subtle colour wash or complete colour saturation for dramatic effect, we know how to transform the look and feel of any space, no matter the size.


·         Star Cloth

·         Pea Light Canopy

·         Rope Lights

·         Reflective Surfaces

·         Festoon

·         Floodlights

·         Spotlights

·         Colour-Wash

·         Feature Lighting

·         Special Effects

Clear Roof, Sails, White Pealight Floor.jpg

·         Venue

·         Marquee

·         Stage

·         Garden

·         Dance Floor