There are several options when it comes to powering an event. Regardless of whether you need to power something indoors or outdoors our qualified electricians can tap into your mains supply. If however your supply is insufficient, or you need reassurance, we have a fleet of generators.

All of our generators are “road tow” meaning they always arrive with our team, so you do not have to worry about large lorries or delays.

All cabling from the power supply is discreetly laid throughout the entire space ensuring power is available where needed. 

Furthermore, we make sure each set up is tested before it is used and as an additional back up, we have support on call, 24/7.

The scale of power needed can be large or small. Do you need to send power to a stage for a band? Do you need to power an awards show? We can do both.

Recently we supplied power at the Olympic Park for the England Hockey World Cup Qualifier. Our success with this has already guaranteed that we will be powering the World Cup for them again!